Second Half

What is Second Half?

Second Half is an informal gathering of teachers and students that occurs immediately following regular classes. Structured like a community jam session, it provides an opportunity for teachers and students alike to share, make music together, and learn from each other. Students are encouraged to join in at whatever level they choose: strumming chords, singing along, improvising melodies, or simply tapping their feet. While the class is devoted to studying a chosen topic or instrument, the second half is an opportunity to share that learning with the community.

If two halves make a whole, what do you get when you have THREE Second Halves? A whole lot more music, that’s what!

With the space we have at Decatur Legacy Park, we are now able to have 2 weekly jam sessions, or a live Second Halves if you will, IN ADDITION TO the online Second Half.

The virtual Second Half will continue as an online gathering on Wednesday evenings. Starting at 8:15pm, students and teachers alike will be leading you in songs and tunes. All registered students are invited to join in and even lead a song!

We now have an in-person jam in between both our Wednesday and Thursday daytime classes. Join us at the Gillespie Building to play a bit at lunch! We’ll get underway at 11:30am, out under the oak tree as weather permits. We’ll go inside if it rains. Bring a lunch, bring an instrument, and enjoy the afternoon!

All Second Half sessions (online and in-person) are included each term, at no extra cost, for all students registered in any other class. If you’re not registered in any other classes, however, you can register for just the Second Half by clicking here!