Music Improvisation with Joe Craven

How to be In the Moment & Without a Net

Tuesday, December 13, 2016
TIME: 7:30PM-9:30PM
Cost: $50 ($30 if you’re registered for the concurrent term)

Joe Craven

How do you make better music in the moment, jam confidently with folks you’ve never met, and/or say something different every time you take a solo?

This class, regardless of what instrument you play, will help deepen your connection to spontaneity and flow with organized sound.

Joe teaches musical improvisation more from a theater model rather than the requisite model of jazz. Therefore, this is not an ability-based class. If you’re an advanced player seeking a ‘theory & technique’-oriented foray into improvisation from a jazz architecture, this class is not that, yet may be still an enlightening experience for you. Joe connects improvisation to what you already do and moves you forward from there. We’ll focus on ways to think about sound, embrace fearlessness, and address the connection between spoken-word language and the language of music.

Showing up empty-handed, embracing mistakes and learning the value of losing control are some of what we’ll explore. Lots of exercises, with & without instruments in your hands to engage, and free yourself to play with others in new ways. The class will stretch you and may well change some of your perceptions of what music is. It’s a fun and enlightening romp!

Joe is first and foremost a creative force of nature and, as a workshop leader or motivational speaker for the arts, he is without peer.
— Jim Magill, Director – The Swannanoa Gathering Folk Workshops / Black Mountain, NC


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