Frequently Asked Questions

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What level should I take?
If you’ve never touched your instrument, Level 1 is where to start. If you’ve played a little bit on your own but don’t feel too certain, try Level  1 – if it’s too easy, you can switch to Level 2. Most classes have a range of skills and our talented teachers cover them all!
Can I take the same level more than once?
Absolutely. The classes are designed to be repeated – we’ll vary the repertoire and reinforce the same skills. Take the same class as many times as you need to feel comfortable with the skills.
What do I need to bring to class?
You’ll need your instrument (see below for recommended places to buy), and a tuner or tuner app. Guitar, ukulele and mandolin players will want to bring a pick. Guitar and ukulele players will also want to bring a capo.
Can I come for the Second Half only?

Yes! If you’d like to join in at 8:15pm for a group jam, you can sign up for our Second Half on a term by term basis. 

Where can I buy an instrument?

We recommend you buy your instrument from a reputable dealer who will set up your instrument so that it will be easy to play. Old strings, or strings that are high above the fretboard are hard to play. Below are a few shops we highly recommend.

Maple Street Guitars

Maple Street Guitars Coupon

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Beau Vinci Violins
Violin rental or purchase
Will deliver

Voss Violins
Violin rental or purchase

My instrument is old and I don’t know if it’s playable.
Our in-house luthier, Fritz Rauschenberg, will be happy to take a look at your guitar, fiddle, mandolin or banjo and make recommendations on adjustments and repair. Contact us to make an appointment.
Can my child take classes?

Currently our classes are all in the evening, and our students are usually adults. Children who would be comfortable with adult classmates are welcome, but if your child is pre-teen, we ask that you be present during class.

Feel free to contact us if you would like to know how this has worked for others. And keep checking back with us — we are planning to offer after-school classes for children in the near future!

What’s up with the concerts you advertise?

PLEASE NOTE: Live in-person concerts are on hold for now due to the coronavirus.

Our (nearly) monthly Teaching Artists Concerts feature our instructors and their colleagues. These concerts do not benefit the school – all proceeds after venue-related expenses go to the performers.

We also promote local concerts that benefit and promote the school and connect our students with professional performers.

These events are different from performances at festivals and farmers’ markets, where our faculty and, sometimes, students, usually represent the school.

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