Claw-hammer Banjo Workshop (Beginning/Intermediate)

with Joe Herrmann
of the Critton Hollow String Band

Tuesday, Feb. 18 @ 7-8:30pm
$40 per person. Paypal or check; no discounts.
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This workshop will explore old-time, claw-hammer banjo. We will look at, and focus on the right hand technique that establishes the basic rhythm and “drive” of an old time tune. We will look at alternate tunings used to play in different keys and discuss and practice ways to play tunes “on the fly” by understanding chords and chord changes. We’ll look at drop-thumb technique as well.

My challenge, and intent, in a workshop like this is to be sure that each and every one is challenged and inspired to improve and advance in his or her own personal musical journey. Whether you are just beginning or more advanced, my aim is to move forward on that journey.

Bring a recording device.

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Joe Herrmann is a singer and multi-instrumentalist. He co-founded The Critton Hollow String Band with his wife, Sam Herrmann, in 1975, and has toured internationally and recorded 8 albums. “My first instrument was the 5-string banjo ala Pete Seeger and as a child of the ’60s we actually had “hootenannies” in our back yard where we would play and sing the popular folk music of that era. In high school it was rock and roll which was a very healthy form at the time and an influence in my musical sensibilities. A bit latter it was jazz and by 1974 I had sold all the electric guitars and amplifiers and moved to Paw Paw, WV with my Yamaha acoustic guitar. Discovered fiddle about that time. Rediscovered banjo.

Joe Herrmann plays music that draws from his background in traditional folk and oldtime traditions. Songs and instrumentals from traditional and contemporary sources. Songs that express a range of experience that can make you laugh or make you cry and occasionally do both at the same time, ballads that tell stories of bad men and disappointed lovers. Instrumentals that will make you want to get up and dance or sit back and listen. Joe plays banjo, fiddle, and guitar.

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