Cajun Fiddle - 4-week class



INSTRUCTOR: Barbara Panter-Connah (bio)
DAY/TIME: Tue – 7pm, Online only

This 4-week class will meet Oct 21, Nov 4 and 18, and Dec 9.

The Cajun tune “Jolie Blon” started Barbara on a quest that eventually led to learning from the late great Cajun fiddler, Dewey Balfa, at workshops and visits to Mr. Dewey’s home in Basile, LA. Cajun music is the music of immigrants from France who fled persecution and ultimately settled in South Louisiana by way of Canada. It’s filled with a powerful mixture of ancient old world melodies, elements of blues and Creole. The class will be focused on learning Cajun fiddle melodies, techniques that make Cajun music unique, and “seconding” on fiddle.

This class is geared mainly to fiddle but could accommodate mandolin and guitar.

This class is an online class. Your instructor will send you information on how to access the class online. If conditions improve later, the class may decide to meet periodically.

Time: Tuesdays 7:00 (Oct 21, Nov 4 and 18, and Dec 9)