Beginning Fiddle




INSTRUCTOR: Maura Nicholson (bio)
DAY/TIME: Mon – 7pm, Wed – 10am, Hybrid (In-person + Online)
LEVEL: Beginning

This class will introduce you to the fiddle, starting with how to hold the bow and the violin. Once you’re comfortable pulling a bow across the strings, you’ll learn two of the most common scales (keys of A and D), and work your way up into a tune or two!

Along the way, you’ll be introduced to some bowing techniques, basic music theory (circle of 5ths and rhythm) and care for your instrument.

This class is designed to be repeated two or three times before moving up into the higher level fiddle classes.

This class is an in-person class with computer capabilities for anyone wishing to take the class remotely (a live class also streamed through Zoom or other platform of instructor’s choosing). The instructor will send you information on how to access the class online.

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