Yoga for Musicians


Sorry, this class is suspended until next term.

TERM 5, 2023

INSTRUCTOR: Mariam Gilmer (bio)
DAY/TIME: Thu – 2:30pm, In-person

In this Hatha gentle flow yoga class, we focus on yoga techniques that will help you be a better musician.  Yoga breathing not only strengthens your lungs, but helps your mind to become clear and focused.  We will select yoga poses that help you with back pain if you have problems standing while playing.  Other poses improve hand, wrist, and finger strength, and coordination for those of you who play string instruments.  Furthermore, this class will help you to relax, become more centered and ready to perform.

Please bring a yoga mat and water bottle, and dress in clothes comfortable for moving around in.

The class will need at least 5 students for it to be held.

This class meets in person.