Meet the Double Bass, Part 2



TERM 5, 2023

INSTRUCTOR: Jordi Lara (bio)
DAY/TIME: Thu – 1pm, In-person

Whatever style of music you decide to play, a double bass cannot be beat for helping the group keep the rhythm! Whether it’s jazz, old-time, or bluegrass, a good bassist is always welcome!

This class will focus on the basics of the double bass—getting to know the instrument itself and how it works, how to tune it, and how to maintain it. You’ll learn how to pluck open strings, concentrating on the power needed to get a good tone. Then on to the skills of the left hand—how to move your fingers on the fingerboard for the best intonation.

You’ll also pick up tips on training your ears to hear a key change as well as keeping a solid rhythm and a steady beat. You’ll be refining your technique, your tone and your sense of time-keeping while learning tunes from a variety of styles and the role of the bass in each one.

Basses can be rented locally at Voss Violins, Ronald Sachs Violins and other shops around town.

This class meets in person.