Intro to the Harmonica



TERM 5, 2023

INSTRUCTOR: Brad Gilmer (bio)
DAY/TIME: Thu – 2:30pm, In-person
LEVEL: Beginning

The harmonica (sometimes called the harp) is one of the easiest instruments to play, is supremely portable (fits in your pocket of course), and does not require any amplification to be clearly heard in a crowd. But it is also a nuanced instrument capable of expressing deep human emotions.

This class will get you started as a harp player.  We will work on basic techniques that enable you to start noodling out a tune or enable you to add some color to your vocals.  We will start with chords (all you do is blow!), then work on single notes.  Meanwhile we will take a harmonica apart so you can see how it works.  Near the end of the course, we will introduce the concept of bending notes, which opens the door to the amazing world of the “blue third.”

Please come with a diatonic harmonica in the key of D. Join us for this adventure into the world of the harmonica!

This class meets in person.