Irish Whistle for Beginners



TERM 5, 2022

Irish Whistle (Tin Whistle / Penny Whistle) for Beginners

INSTRUCTOR: John Maschinot (bio)
DAY/TIME: Tue – 2pm, In-person
INSTRUMENT: Irish Whistle
LEVEL: Beginning

The Irish tin whistle is a good introduction to Irish music (and a wonderful instrument in its own right). It’s inexpensive, easy to carry and relatively simple to learn.

This class is for beginners, both children and adults.

Students will learn how to hold the instrument and breathing, phrasing and fingering techniques for a good tone.

Emphasis is on ear training. Sheet music will not be provided – rather students will learn how to “play by ear” – through listening and playing.

And, students will come away with a few basic Irish session tunes to enjoy, and the ability to learn more!

A whistle in the key of D is required. Here’s a link to the recommend tin whistle. It’s the Dixon tunable whistle in D, $32, although any D whistle will work.

This class is an in-person class.