Integrating the Seeger Style into Your Banjo Playing



TERM 5, 2022

INSTRUCTOR: Mick Kinney (bio)
DAY/TIME: Thu – 10am, In-person

The Seeger style of banjo picking, made popular by folk singer Pete Seeger, was developed by combining a variety of styles, including Appalachian up-picking, a bum-ditty strum, and the occasional “whamming” for a fuller sound.

This style of picking is often considered one of the best methods of playing for accompanying yourself or others. The strum is basically a cross between two-finger and clawhammer (or frailing). The bum-diddy rhythm aids in supporting the singer without overpowering him or her.

This class will teach you how to add this style to your picking toolkit. Whether you currently pick like Earl Scruggs or frail like Rhiannon Giddens, integrating the Seeger style will enhance your performance!

We recommend that you already have some background in banjo playing, whether it’s clawhammer or bluegrass. Knowledge of the basic chords and the G and C tunings will help you succeed more quickly.

This class is an in-person class only. No computer capabilities are available.