Dynamics of Small Group Playing



TERM 5, 2022

INSTRUCTOR: Richard Liebman (bio)
DAY/TIME: Tue – 7pm, In-person only
INSTRUMENT: All instruments and singers

Whether you plan to play with other musicians in Harmony Park or perform at a social gathering, this class will help you learn what it takes to prepare to “play out’ or even busk.

You will learn the steps of preparing to perform—from choosing a tune or song to deciding what instruments and backups you’ll want, and how best to arrange that small group of musicians. Small groups may decide if musical breaks will be taken, or if a solo can become a duet—all the decisions that go into preparing to play a piece with and for others.

Members of this class often meet outside of the school towards the end of the term to play in an open environment where the public can listen and enjoy the music, putting into practice the performance strategies you have learned!

For all instruments and singers.

This class is an in-person only class.