Tunes for Old-Time Jam Sessions



TERM 4, 2024

INSTRUCTORS: Andy Howard (bio)
DAY/TIME: Wed – 7:30pm, In-person

Do you want to play old-time music and attend jam sessions with other musicians? We’ve designed this class to boost your repertoire with the tunes commonly played at our local and regional old-time jams.

In addition to building your tune list and knowledge, we will cover jam culture and etiquette — how to find jams, and where to look for tune resources.  We practice listening for chord changes and learning melodies by ear.

We will cover some tunes that crossover into bluegrass jams and Celtic jams, but we will focus primarily on the old-time genre.

We will learn tunes in the Key of D — and a second key — either G or A. These are the most common keys for old-time jams.  If you are able to play the basic chords in these keys, you’ll be ready for success. Chords are initially provided for strummers, but we coach you towards playing by ear and eventually playing without reading charts or music.

This class meets in person.