Guitar 3, Back to the Basics (Advanced Guitar)



TERM 4, 2024

INSTRUCTOR: Glen DeMeritt (bio)
DAY/TIME: Fri – 1pm, In-person
LEVEL: Advanced

You’ve mastered the basics—you know your open position chords, you do the Boom-Chuck and the Boom-Chuck-Chuck in your sleep, and you are walking from chord to chord with tasty bass walks. You’ve also worked out some right hand issues with respect to the down-ups while you play the melodies. You may have even been sangin’.  We’ll put these basic skills together playing tunes that lend themselves to the art of Flatpicking.

Here we refine our accompaniment and lead playing with others in small to large group settings. This class will be expand your repertoire, implementing the skills you’ve been honing. (Instructor permission highly suggested.)

Not sure which guitar class is right for you?

  • Guitar 1 is for the beginner who knows zero.
  • Guitar 2 is for the player who knows their chords but is looking to develop some stylistic skills
  • Guitar 3 is for the player looking to put it all together from the singin’ to the pickin’ and grinnin’.

This class meets in person.