Fiddle Tunes for Dances



TERM 4, 2022

INSTRUCTOR: Max Godfrey (bio)
TIME: Sun – 2:30pm, In-person

The director of the Atlanta Folk Orchestra, Max Godfrey, is offering this class as a way for anyone who would like to grow their dance tunes repertoire and incorporate new tunes into their performances. While Max is steeped in Appalachian Old-Time music, he will also incorporate some fiddle tunes that are often requested by contra dance callers that might not come up in your usual old-time jam.  We’ll do some raggier tunes from Georgia and Alabama, as well as some Old World fiddle tunes!

“By-ear” instruction, in the call-and-response format you’d encounter at fiddle camps like Swannanoa Gathering or Mars Hill, etc.  Students must already be comfortable learning by-ear.

Open to all instruments, provided that you are comfortable “translating” the tune from fiddle to your chosen instrument.

For “advancing-intermediate” and advanced players who can already play some simple fiddle tunes comfortably at dance tempo (around 120 beats per minute).

Guitarists are encouraged to practice their melody-picking skills while the other instruments are learning the melody, and then switch to chords when we pick up the speed.  Max can provide a little bit of instruction on bass runs, but the main focus will be on teaching melodies.

You do not need to take this class in order to join the Atlanta Folk Orchestra.   If you are interested in AFO and prefer to learn the tunes on your own, you can still join in the informal rehearsals outside FHS that happen every now and then at various AFO members’ homes, and join us to play for contra dances. This class was concocted with the Atlanta Folk Orchestra in mind, but is open to all musicians looking to expand their repertoire of fiddle tunes!

This class meets in person.