Basic Bluegrass Banjo Techniques



TERM 4, 2024

INSTRUCTOR: Maura Nicholson (bio)
DAY/TIME: Mon – 4pm, In-person
LEVEL: Beginning

Did you just inherit Uncle Joe’s banjo and have no idea how to play it? Do you know the basic rolls, but have a hard time keeping up the tempo?

This class will teach you the techniques for learning from scratch, such as how to practice well, how to keep time, how to change chords or licks properly. And even if you already play a bit, you’ll find that re-learning these techniques (or really, learning them in the first place!) will improve your relationship with your banjo and make playing much more enjoyable!

We may learn a tune or two, but the emphasis will be on learning how to play from scratch and the skills needed to play better!

This class meets in person.