Intro to Irish Session Tunes



TERM 4, 2024

Intro to Irish Session Tunes
– Appreciation and Learning for Melody Instruments

INSTRUCTOR: John Maschinot (bio)
DAY/TIME: Mon – 6pm, In-person

Being able to sit in at an Irish session and play with musicians with similar skills and interests can’t be beat!

In this class you’ll not only learn some starter tunes but you’ll learn the difference between simply playing the notes of a tune and playing a tune “Irish style,” how Irish sessions function, how to find or start the right session for your ability, session “etiquette” and very importantly, how to learn to play by ear.

Melody instruments only: fiddle, penny whistle, flute, concertina, accordion, mandolin, harp etc. Guitars and bouzoukis are fine if you want to learn to play melody lines – we won’t learn accompaniment in this class.

Participants must have at least moderate abilities on their instruments.

This class meets in person.