Seeger-style Banjo Repertoire



TERM 4, 2022

INSTRUCTOR: Frank Hamilton (bio)
DAY/TIME: Thu – 10am, In-person

Now that your fingers can handle the up-strum style banjo playing that Pete Seeger made famous, come along and learn some of the tunes!

The Seeger-style strum is the best banjo strum for accompanying singers, whether it’s yourself or others. This class will use that basic strum for you to learn the songs Pete made popular. You’ll also learn where and how to add such things as hammer ons and pull offs, as well as how to “wham”! We’ll also look at tunes in different keys and tunings, particularly G, C. D, and A.

So take that up-strum and join us for some singing!

This class is an in-person class only. No computer capabilities are available.