Bluegrass Guitar Techniques



TERM 3, 2024

INSTRUCTOR: David Leonard (bio)
DAY/TIME: Thu – 7:30pm, In-person

Bluegrass Guitar Techniques will cover the essential skills needed to play in the bluegrass style — rhythm playing, chord transitions and variations of the G-run, as well as lead playing in both the fiddle tune and song break contexts.  

We will work both by ear and from tablature, moving students towards getting “off the page” to find their own lead lines. The class will consist of discussion, demonstration, listening, and playing — with particular emphasis on analysis of technique and suggestions for overcoming any obstacles.  

We recommend that students are at least at an advanced beginner level — comfortable with the basic guitar chords and able to make relatively smooth chord changes.

Y’all come!  This is gonna be fun!!!

This class meets in person.