Bluegrass for Fiddle and Mandolin



TERM 3, 2024

INSTRUCTOR: Brennan Breed (bio)
DAY/TIME: Wed – 7:30pm, In-person
INSTRUMENT: Fiddle, Mandolin

In this class, students will learn how to play rhythm, lead melody, and fills in a bluegrass ensemble on either the mandolin or the fiddle (or both!). While learning songs and fiddle tunes from the core repertoire of bluegrass music, we will learn how to discover the melody by ear, and then ornament the melody with pick up notes, improvisational licks, harmonies, and endings. Students will also learn how to kick off and end bluegrass songs, transpose chords and melodies to different keys, and provide rhythmic accompaniment for vocals and breaks. Basic bluegrass jam etiquette and ensemble dynamics will also be covered in the class. 

This course is intended for fiddlers and mandolinists who are familiar with chords and basic scales in the keys of G, A, and D. No previous knowledge of bluegrass music is required.

This class meets in person.