Beginning Prima Balalaika



TERM 2, 2024

INSTRUCTOR: David Cooper (bio)
DAY/TIME: Wed – 7:30pm, In-person
INSTRUMENT: Prima Balalaika

Did you know that the balalaika, a Russian instrument dating back to the 1800s, has also been used in pop culture? Ian Anderson (Jethro Tull), Kate Bush, and quite a number of Hollywood soundtracks have employed the balalaika in their scores.

This course will introduce the prima balalaika, one of the smaller sized balalaikas. The various techniques used to play the balalaika will be described, and we’ll learn the basic strumming techniques as well as some simple folk melodies. We’ll also learn the origins of the instrument and its history in the Slavic culture.

Don’t have a balalaika? We’ll try to help you find one.

This class meets in person.