Beginning Bluegrass Banjo



TERM 2, 2024

INSTRUCTOR: Geoff Hohwald (bio)
DAY/TIME: Mon – 6pm, In-person
LEVEL: Beginning

Quickly learn the basics of 3-finger Scruggs style banjo in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. This course is meant for students that have never played the banjo or those who played many years ago and would like a refresher.

We’ll start by learning to play easy 3-finger patterns, or rolls, that will have you playing along with others in no time. Then we’ll learn a few simple chords that can be played using only 2 fingers on the left hand.

With these two skills, the right hand rolls and the left hand chords, you are building a foundation to learn solos, such as Boil Them Cabbage Down and Cripple Creek.

And you’ll be on your way to taking breaks at the bluegrass jams!

This class meets in person.