Intro to Jam Sessions Tunes



TERM 1, 2022

INSTRUCTORS: Andy Howard (bio) and Maura Nicholson (bio)
DAY/TIME: Wed – 7pm, In-person only

Do you know the basic skills of your instrument and want to learn a few tunes? Do you want to start sitting in at jams? Join us to get quite a few tunes under your belt that are common to many of the local jams, like Over the Waterfall, Whiskey Before Breakfast, and Shove That Pig’s Foot a Little Further in the Fire. All the tunes you’ll need to get you started having fun and playing with others!

This repertoire class will concentrate on learning fiddle tunes, whether it’s the melody or strumming along. Already being able to play your instrument in the keys of G and D are pretty essential for success in this class.

This class is an in-person class only. No computer capabilities are available.