Intro to Clogging



TERM 1, 2022

INSTRUCTOR: Andy Howard (bio)
DAY/TIME: Thu – 7pm, In-person only
INSTRUMENT: Dance (feet)

You don’t need taps to learn how to clog–just a spot to dance and shoes that won’t scuff your floor. (Piece of plywood or a dance board optional). American (Appalachian) Clogging has evolved from a style of square dance to a broader form that includes line dancing (without partners) and using clogging steps that have names and are largely shared throughout the clogging community throughout the United States and beyond. You will learn basic clogging steps and we will string the steps together to learn choreography that can be done with music. Clogging is a great way to exercise, improve your daily step count, and even work on your rhythm and music listening skills.

This class is an in-person class only. No computer capabilities are available.