Beginning Flute



TERM 1, 2022

INSTRUCTOR: Shoshana Edelberg (bio)
DAY/TIME: Thu – 1pm, Hybrid (In-person + online)
LEVEL: Beginning

Whether you plan to play classical, jazz, or Irish flute, learn the basics of flute playing in this class! You’ll learn how to assemble and dissemble your instrument, how to tune your flute, how to hold your flute properly, and how to blow across the blow hole to get a clear sound. You’ll also be introduced to the fingering of the low register scales to prepare you to play simple tunes.

You may even be able to join a jam as the designated jug player!

This class is an in-person class with computer capabilities for anyone wishing to take the class remotely (a live class also streamed through Zoom or other platform of instructor’s choosing). The instructor will send you information on how to access the class online.