25 Chords Everyone Should Know



TERM 1, 2022

INSTRUCTOR: Clark Brown (bio)
DAY/TIME: Tue – 5:30pm, Hybrid (In-person + Online)

25 Chords that every Guitar (Mandolin, Ukulele) Player needs to know

Go beyond the basic chords and learn how to play major, minor, 7th, minor 7th, and variations of these chords in an easy to play format! Don’t think bar chords or chords that are difficult to play. These are chords that are easy on the left hand that you will want to use every day. Read song sheets more easily, and bring excitement to a simple song!

This class is an in-person class with computer capabilities for anyone wishing to take the class remotely (a live class also streamed through Zoom or other platform of instructor’s choosing). The instructor will send you information on how to access the class online.