Beginning Guitar


Sorry, this class is suspended until next term.

TERM 4, 2024

INSTRUCTOR: Glen DeMeritt (bio)
DAY/TIME: Wed – 1pm, In-person
LEVEL: Beginning

Functional Fun approach to learning the guitar by doing. We’ll start right where you are, whether you’ve never strummed a chord or know three chords. We take a song and learn how to play it. You’ll learn how to play the chords of the song, allowing you to participate in the making of music with yourself and with others.

In the process, you’ll learn an approach you can use to learn other songs. You’ll learn the “theory” that makes it easier to remember songs and chord progressions.

If you haven’t played guitar before now, I’d bet my horse and my hat we’ll get you playing something purdy by the end of the session, which will inspire you to keep playing. You know you want to do it, so take a chance on yourself. Let’s play some music.

And feel free to repeat this class until you’re comfortable with the basics and ready to move on up to the higher level class.

This class meets in person.